As a young adult amle, with a family to support. I see my future, as the furure of my family. I see my success, as my daughters ability to live a happy a normal life. Without my dedicayion, she would just be another fatherless child, and it is my purpose in this life, to gaurentee that she is more than that. That she has more than that at her disposal. I am aspiring towards having my first writings published in the near to short distant future. Although this not my onky intention. I personally would like to develop more readily available forms of human convergance. I want to learn how to use technology, to advance and bring together the people that I love. My intentions are not to achieve financial superiority, but to provide unfaltering stability, and to develop and manufacture new ways for my generation, and the generations to follow, an opportunity to work towards enlightenment, and personal sufficiency. I wznt yhis for all good people.


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