I am just another dude, lost in a big big world. Sometimes when the habitats we occupy seem so vast and unexplainable, there comes a time when we must create our own alternate realities to keep ourselves together. This is how I cam to know my pen, my keys, my tape recorder, my tools. The things I use to stay alive inside. The things that help to keep my soul alive. Not only does writing keep my celstial toes on point, but reading does as well. The more good lore, the better, let us defend it. It is our heritage. Without the generations upon generations of word of mouth to keep us geussing, how else would we have come to know our great imiginative, and creative, potentialities? Which I personally believe, we, as humans, have just barely begun to scratch the surface of. The writing and story tellings of man are one thing. The imaginitive scope another. Yet when the lines of imigination, creation, hope, and glory all begin to meet as one, transcending the lines of truth and reality. Shall we truly, as a worlwide, cosmicly inclined, society of the universe. Begin to conjure in thought, and begin to shape the bounds of our true and great future. That is of course, unless we blow ourselves clean off the face of the fucking planet…… or push our limits of population to the point of global natural cleansing. If we as a genetically evolving entity, focus on our long term survival goals, instead of our pocket books, and fancy cars. We might just do great things yet…..



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