In the next few months I can get this blog turning pretty hard. I’d like to start doing reviews of other up and coming writers. As well as looking for other people to network with. If your into fantasy, let me know.

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the lady esotere part 2

At first she was duly unaware both of what had truly taken place, as well as what was to come next. Before she could process a thought on either topic, her eyes began to adjust, and with the clarity she found, all thought ceased. She stood perplexed. Avidly focused on the wonder unfolding before her eyes. Unaware of herself, she had waded to a waist high level in the glassy waters of the pool. Yet by some magic, no ripple had stirred, as she slowly but stoutly broke the waters glassy surface. Her thin, yet lightly clothed body, seemed to slide into the water effortlessly, and with no resistance. Against the bitter temperatures of the place, and of the waters themselves, the thin cotton of her sleeping dress was barely any kind of barrier against the murky cold of the darkened chamber. Let alone the freezing waters of this forbidden lake. If her situation did not improve, it would begin to take it’s toll on her without wasting much time at all. This was a very pptently magical place, after all. What had she expected?

The boy sat cross legged. His smoky composure a shifting mirage on the surface of the lake. She had come up rather near him now, and as he loomed, folding upon himself again and again. The room woke round him. With him. From him. With a brilliant display, of terrifying illumination, that nearly blinded her for a second time. His mouth crept open, and as it did, a fiercely brilliant light poured forth. Almost leapt from of every darkened fold, and layer of his smoking composition, his appearance in itself seemed a living creature. Of shadow and mist, light and dark. With this brilliance that came to and from every direction, a low rumbling sound. No, a note. Pitched from the nethermost regions of his being. Rang out, calling directly to her soul. Softly at first, yet deeply throated, and heavily bound to the room that held it. As if spoken, yet simultaneously hymned by a thousand voices, alongside the visible one that lay before her. Quickly the notes began to tremble, to resonate with a precision that dulled the senses, yet immensely inside the dank and earthen walls of this unknown fortress, deep beneath the mountain. A fortress of formidable strength in it’s own right. That sound pierced her to the core. Breathing new life into her, with the thrust of rhythm.As the reverberations bounced feverishly around the room, like so many bouncing balls, in an endlessly moving box. The vibrations slowly reached into her chest, working their way, with fingers like needles, into every niche of her soul. They soaked and stabbed through every inch of her. Traversing at lightening speed her entire being. Softly separating her, from the self she had always known herself to be, and creating within her, a new awareness. The acute awareness of the self, that she had always felt  herself to be so close to grasping. With the crisp, yet fluid opening of this internal door. The blackest of visions swallowed her, like the final speck of light, in a total, encompassing darkness.

(this is the initial encounter with the sea priestess. She will serve to be a rather large roll in this story of mine. A sort of female, Merlin figure, enchanter and counselor, hand of the god, and seer of truths. Yet unlike the Merlin, she is woman. And in woman i can paint a complete picture of the psychic figure. For a man lacks one of the three main points of which it takes for complete oracular connection.}but that’s just me, have a gnarly day. It’s raining here. and I truly love the rain. More to come. but not to much, I will only be posting character encounters, and some other things, that I would like feed back on, or just like to share. So keep your eyes peeled if you like what your seeing, and please, please. Good or Bad, positive or negative, love or hate, give me some feedback!

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From Me to you;

If the clocks of time, could be turned back, by the turning of my hand.

If the sands of fate, could be over turned, by love, by my hate.

If the tables of the judgment halls, were still all round, and gilded, and bold.

I would raise my shining sword, unto the heights, of old.

And strike down from the heavens, a mighty blow.

That the land might crack, and swallow us whole.

A lesion, sick, In the side of our home.

A burning torch, to the strands of unknown.

No doubt left, in truth.

Only the blackened skies,

On an age old glory borne on the sunrise.

So drive me home, into the earth, and send me back, unto my birth.

Again, and again, to the skies, and below.

Neath’ earth, and soil, and breath, and curse.

Let us sleep under stars, once again clear and bright.

While the last breath, of our self constructed parasite.

Drifts on wings, black as night.


– by this dude, right now.


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Finalized for now, any opinions?

As she woke and slowly rose up from her bedside, instantly she felt as though she would be swallowed by the black abyssal pressure surrounding her. She knew not from where the pressure was coming. Wafting over her like thick like sheets of black smoke. Yet it was there, and she could feel it’s shadowy breath at the back of her neck, slowly, getting closer, tighter, engulfing her more completely with each passing second. Although nothing was to be seen, the feeling held so thick to her heart, that she thought, for brief seconds, that she would suffocate. Yet in those short moments of dissolution, clarity came, and before her stood the figure of a boy. Jetting slowly from side to side was his figure, with a sense of translucency her eyes could barely acknowledge. yet she seemed to feel as though she recognized this boy. No, this fetch, who’s face seemed painfully familiar. Yet from where these images were coming, she could not take the slightest guess. Shortly after t

he coming of this realization, the gliding resemblance, caved on itself like smoke wafting from flame to air, and drifted with haunting sway towards the door. Reforming in part for a brief time, the fluttering likeness seemed to speak. As the smokey form of his upper body moved on itself like a living flame. The air shattered with a horrible, high-pitched statement from the ghostly image of this strange boy. The sound of his voice on the wind, seemed to force her back a little, as she felt his words chipping away at her. Speaking directly to her innermost being. He spoke to her soul, her animus, the essence she would leave on the world long after leaving it behind.“Make haste my lady! all is not lost! But time, time, is of the essence. WE HAVE SO LITTLE LEFT!” and with this, confusion shattered her resolve. She flew at him, violently throwing her hands through him, like the end of a dancing whip. Yet he did not vanish, and with his persistence, her last glimmering flicker, of childlike hope, was washed away forever. She had secretly spent this whole time praying. Praying that she was dreaming up these strange occurrences, and was as yet fast asleep. In her bed below. Now she was positive, this was happening. She could feel his presence to the root of her very bones. There would be no escaping, no running, no hiding. Her fate had taken hold, and her destiny, was taking its first steps.

As he folded on himself, once again, like the living cloud of boy-ish smoke that he was. She flew after him. Into ancient halls still black with shivering darkness, before the light of a new days dawn. Through the eleven tooth-like towers of the ancient labyrinthine mouth, and on into the foot of the mountain. Where the older gods dance in living gloom, like wraiths borne on ancient shadow, to the faint rattling of old bones.


Pierced by the light, her eyes swelled to the point of blindness as she poured herself, at high speeds, through the ancient tunnel system. A system that lay under their entire constructed society. Massive, endless lengths of running tunnel. That slunk deep beneath the castles bases and foundations. Slashing deep beneath the earth, into the halls of old. The caverns of the Nether Kings. Dwarves, and Goblins. Worms, and Witches. Into the blackened heart of the Vazeraie Mountain Fortress. The ancient birthplace of her people, and the looming home, of their ancestors.

Although she had entered at ground level, true ground level. Below the sea temple steps, yet above the craggy edge of the winter sea. Outside, it’s ever blackening depths, lay brooding over the rocks at the foot of the holy hills. The land based seat of the council, followers of the Sea God of legend.

She now coursed the tunnels after him. Deeper and deeper she followed him. Yet as the all-encompassing blackness of her people’s ancient corridors, she began to lose sight of the comfortingly familiar fetch. For in this vast darkness, she was beginning to feel very, very lost. Strangely thoug, as long as she could see him, she felt eerily safe. He was traveling with raucous speed. Lashing through the corridors, only to slash back violently into her path. Never leaving her far behind, yet always seeming to be just out of sight. As quickly as it had all started, her daring pursuit was ended. As the lady of the sea temple set her bare feet, into the glass like waters, of the blackened pool.

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